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In 2005, I began my journey of training in the prophetic, deliverance, and supernatural ministry. I was a part of a ministry for some years, at that time, whose covering was connected to "Christian International" based in Florida. I attended my first Ministering Spiritual Gifts conference, and I was completely attached from that moment on. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life because I was young and struggling to live for the Lord. But soul issues kept me in vicious cycles, and I needed deliverance when I didn't even know what it was.

Over the years, I experienced deliverance and inner healing and became a part of the ministry to just serve. I served that ministry under a spiritual father who was also an apostle connected to that movement for 10 years. I took classes, received certifications, and graduated to different levels of the school's process. I was trained and discipled for a decade in character, integrity, biblical knowledge, and apostolic leadership. I had a spiritual father for that season who was intentional about developing me. As a “RESULT” of his training and leadership, I was able to flow in the gifts of God.


In addition to this ministry, I was a part of prophetic teams and leadership trainings at a local ministry. Since then, I have maintained spiritual development and accountability for growing in stature by trusted and credible apostolic counsel. Over time of serving in these ministries, attending retreats and conferences, and deep studying from our nation's generals in the body of Christ, I began to develop a hunger. This hunger and desire was to equip, build, and develop leaders to do the work of ministry. I grew a desire not only to help leaders but to maintain the purity of the prophetic and deliverance ministry. I believe when taught right, we can restore integrity and character to leadership in the body of Christ. You won’t chase the giftings in hidden motives of a God your heart isn’t connected to, but as a result of your relationship and understanding of the God you serve, the gifts will flow.

After 13 years of serving, the Lord brought me to the place of being able to teach, train, and activate teams. I was officially affirmed into the Office of The Prophet in January 2024, by Prophet Torace Solomon. Over the past 6 years, I have been responsible for activating prophetic gifts, discipling, teaching, thorough training, and preaching the unadulterated word of God. It has been a burden of mine over the years that I have intentionally duplicated myself, pouring out everything I have learned into others so that they, too, can do the same.


My Heart: I was raised in church my whole life, and I have seen and experienced great challenges just like anyone else. My heart aches and breaks for those who are in desperate need of deliverance and don't have a means of assistance in their freedom. I remember what my level of struggle was before being introduced to love the ministry of deliverance. It changed my life, and I experienced freedom in my soul that encouraged my spirit.


This HUB serves as a place to train, to be activated, to grow, and to learn. To consistently keep the gifts stirred and flowing for the advancing of the kingdom of God. We are here to help undergird the local church and be a resource by being a training center. We look forward to serving you.

Kiyanni SPEAKS.

Kiyanni Speaks is the epicenter of who I am as a coach, leader, believer, and business woman. Delve deep into my experiences as a speaker, mentor, and podcaster, and how those experiences lead thousands to change.

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